Saturday, August 23, 2008

Worst. $50. Ever. Spent.

Day 128 - Dad and Ruth get ready for their jog. As I think Melissa mentioned earlier in this space, there's a nice little consignment store for baby stuff up in one of the tony neighborhoods. And, as I'll mention to most anyone who will listen, I'm trying to get un-fat. So, I figured that I'd head up the other day and see if I could find a bike trailer and/or a jogging stroller - that way I could do some exercise times I'm hanging out with Ruth. They didn't have a trailer in, but they did have a jogging stroller, which you can see me about to push around to your left. The tires needed some air, and the wheels are all out of true (natch), but it works fine and managed to get a good price on it since it had been unsold all summer (unsurprisingly, not many people are like me and decide that pushing their kid around in circles at moderately high speeds is fun or a good idea).

We're at Lake Montebello, a 1.3 mile loop not too far from our house. I managed to do the first loop entirely at a jog, and only walk a little bit on the second loop. I feel a bit fat and pathetic about the walking still, but I remind myself that six years ago, even a mile at a jog would have been well beyond my abilities, let alone pushing a stroller.

Of course, that doesn't make me suck any less wind at the end of the second loop. I tell myself it will get better, and hey, now I've got the stroller, so I'm committed.

As usual for her adventures, Ruth is asleep.

And yes, I am rocking an old-school Bran Van 3000 T-shirt. Gotta represent for Mount Real.
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