Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Photos From the Droid

From 21st Century Digital Kid

Day 712 - dancing on the porch

Day 716 - after a hard day of working in the backyard with Daddy, holding the doll I got her in Rwanda

Day 718 - saying "bye" before heading to the park

Day 718 - at the park

Shortly after this picture was taken, Melissa showed up and I did some laps around the loop in the Dell. On my third time around, Ruth decided that she wanted to "exercise" too - she ran alongside me for about ten feet, then decided she was going to do push-ups (a decent attempt, actually). But she didn't want to move off the path into the grass. So, she ended up riding on my shoulders for a lap (harder than it sounds) while periodically shouting, "EXERCISE!!"

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 716 - Garden

We've started prep for our garden. Some seeds are sprouting away indoors - I had to move the Boule d'Or melons out of the little "greenhouse" box because they were pushing against the top already, and our tomatoes are all showing shoots. And don't get me started on the basil. Still no movement from the tomatillos, pink bananas, or strawberry spinach. Oh well.

Yesterday, Ruth helped me. First, we put down the clover seed that finally showed up. I planted too late in the fall and frost killed it all, so our backyard has been looking like a blasted wasteland. Ruth helped spread it.

Then she helped me give the seeds a nice drink of water. "I hold hose, Daddy! There mud in there. I see mud!"

We also planted blueberry bushes (not shown). It was the culmination of an anniversary day/Good Friday closed daycare Dad day. It was pretty fun. We went to the wine store ("I like wine. Beer! Is beer, Daddy!"), to Whole Foods ("I need muffin! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeese!"), and to the plant store where Miss Joan showed her a whole bunch of flowers that she smelled while I picked out the blueberry bushes. When I'm not giving myself an ulcer because I'm not writing, she's a fun kid to hang out with.

Day 697 - Dancin' Queen

From 21st Century Digital Kid

For my birthday, my brother David made me an awesome coffee table upholstered with studded punk rock belts. Ruth knew just what to do with that: "I get up table! I dancing, Daddy!"

Confidential to uncle David: though you were worried that she didn't know your name, since you've left, we've had about a daily, "I see David Meli?"