Monday, April 5, 2010

Random Photos From the Droid

From 21st Century Digital Kid

Day 712 - dancing on the porch

Day 716 - after a hard day of working in the backyard with Daddy, holding the doll I got her in Rwanda

Day 718 - saying "bye" before heading to the park

Day 718 - at the park

Shortly after this picture was taken, Melissa showed up and I did some laps around the loop in the Dell. On my third time around, Ruth decided that she wanted to "exercise" too - she ran alongside me for about ten feet, then decided she was going to do push-ups (a decent attempt, actually). But she didn't want to move off the path into the grass. So, she ended up riding on my shoulders for a lap (harder than it sounds) while periodically shouting, "EXERCISE!!"

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