Thursday, September 10, 2009

Words and Actions

mama or ma-mee
dada or da-dee
bay-be (baby)
kiii (kitty)
key (and tries to open the door with them)
duh (door)
ide (slide)
fou-wah (flower)
cah (car)
tuck (truck)
hi (with wave)
buh-bye (with wave, also will say it unprompted if you walk her to the front door)
shoe (will try to put it on her foot and will try to wear other people's shoes)
uh oh (if she drops something)
bel (belly)
bel bo (belly button, will lift her shirt to show you if asked sometimes; will point out your belly button if your shirt rides up)
hay-r (hair)
nose (will point to body parts listed above, plus mouth, but hasn't said those words)
buh-bul (bubble, a big hit from grammy)
daooo (down, sometimes pointing)
peaz (please)
tank ooo (thank you, sometimes, with prompting)
no (with headshake)
nana (banana)
ju (juice)
bir (bird)
ba oo (balloon, and man keeping her away from ones in front of the house for sale is a challenge)
spoo (spoon)
di-pa (diaper)
peace (peach)
more (usually ma-more)
waff (waffle)
hah (hot)
el-ow (yellow)
buuu (blue)
geen (green; colors used correctly on occasion)
ahhh (after drinking something)
ssshhh (when she sees someone sleeping in a book)
weeeee (going down the slide)
bess uuu (bless you, after someone sneezes)
pay-pa (paper)
boo (plays peek-a-boo)
teef (teeth)
melmo (Elmo)
dir-y (dirty)
wah (water)
wed (wet)
bun-e (bunny)
beh-r (bear)
ee-bra (zebra)
dum (drum)
ig (fig, accompanied by pointing and wailing if none are ripe on our backyard tree)
yay (usually with clapping, at the end of a song)
eye e eye oh (when she wants the "Old MacDonald Had Farm Book")
stahs (stairs)
all dun (all done)

Ruth is understanding more and more of what we say. She nods yes and no (with some degree of reliability), will point at things if asked (e.g., "Where are the flowers on your shirt?"). She sings a bit now, and imitates the first sounds of "ABC" and "Twinkle, Twinkle."

Her musical tastes are varied -- the tinny sound from the ice cream truck always gets her clapping/dancing but she seems to like They Might Be Giants and Queensryche (really) too. She colors on paper and still enjoys reading.

If asked, she'll wash her hands, brush her teeth, brush her hair, and wash her face. If you ask if she wants to go outside, she'll run to the nearest door (and if we're outside in our yard, will ask for an "ig" - fig - from the tree; she LOVES them).

She is a high-energy kid and seems bored with us over the weekend, sometimes. We usually go to the park after the farmer's market and sometimes to a different park in the afternoon.

We went to the Maryland State Fair this past weekend. Seeing as how she likes all her animal books, we thought she'd love the chance to pet cows, pigs, etc. Instead, she seemed quite afraid of the cows and upset at them eating hay. For reasons that remain totally unclear to us, dogs eating/sniffing grass also elicits a strong "Nooooo!" She did like the tiny piglet and ducklings. And mommy's lamb BBQ sandwich.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Daughter's Impeccable Comedic Timing

(Ruth and Melissa are coloring)

MELISSA: That's brown!
RUTH: Bown.
MELISSA: Are you becoming a little mimic?
RUTH: ...
MELISSA: It would have been funny if you'd said "mimic."
RUTH: Funne.