Monday, April 20, 2009

Ruth's One Year Stats

We took Ruth to the pediatrician this morning for her one-year check-up. She is on target for all developmental skills and a few advanced skills (putting an object in a cup -- like blocks into a case -- and scribbling with a marker on paper).

She weighs 19 lbs. 4 oz. and is 29.5 inches in length.

According to US growth charts, she is in the 25th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height. But, US growth charts are based on formula-fed babies who tend to be heavier. If we look at the World Health Organization charts (height here, weight here), you get a better sense of breastfed baby growth. Converting Ruth's weight to kg (rounded to 8.8) and height to cm (74.93) you can see that she is at or slightly above the 50th percentile for both height and weight.

She had vaccines for pneumococcal disease, chickenpox, and the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella). She'll be see again in three months and receive the next dose of DTap, Hib, and polio. Then no more vaccines (annual flu aside) until she is 4-6 years old.

We also had to do a blood draw today. I know it was very hard on Ruth but I have to write, it was hard on Daniel and me too! The blood draw will test her for lead exposure (a neurotoxin) and anemia.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ruth's Birthday (Observed), Part 2

When we got home, we had a little birthday party for Ruth. It was fun. I made cheesecake, in celebration of the fact that Ruth can now have milk (she does not like cheesecake). I re-potted plants (not shown) and our friends Adam, Steph, Erin, and Haewon stopped by (not shown). My mom cut up our pineapple all fancy-like, and even brought a little dinosaur topper that I'd had on my cakes when I was a little kid.

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After all the excitement (and carbo-loading), Ruth conked out on Mom for a much-needed nap.

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Day 367 - Ruth's Birtday (Observed)

17 April was Ruth's first birthday (and her great-grandmother's 95th)! It was a Friday, so she celebrated mostly at daycare on the actual day. I wish I'd thought to bring the camera there - I'd brought over cake and ice cream for all the kids, and when we arrived to pick her up she had a huge smile and bounced in her high chair to be picked up - while COVERED in cake and ice cream. Even after a bath, the next day she still smelled like cake. The day care took some photos, and I hope to have scans up soon.

But, the next day was when we really celebrated, since my parents were in town. In the morning, we all went out to Miss Shirley's, up in Roland Park (their chicken and waffles is splendid). Ruth, of course, had some of Grammy's blueberry waffles. And some of Dad's scallion waffles. And monkey bread. And some of Mommy's avocado. And...

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This is a restaurant. I am in a high chair. I know how this works - there will be blueberry pancakes.

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Nom nom nom. You have no idea how much this kid can eat now. M turned around to talk to the table next to us, where a mother had her one month old baby (was Ruth ever that tiny?). I had to resupply and call for backup food at least three times to keep the maw satisified.

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It's chocolate sauce from the monkey bread.

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She likes to drink from a straw now, if we suck up some water (or whatever) in it for her. I think there is a crazy straw in her future.

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Done eating. Walking around with grampy.

Day 361 - I get into Mommy's yarn.

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Day 352 - Bugs!

She likes garlic scapes, but she's not so much about crawfish.

We ended up taking all this home (believe it or not, this was the 2-person portion size! We literally couldn't finish, even though I cracked shells through two of the Matrix movies while we had a "picnic" on the tarp on our living room floor) - someone got fussy.

It's kind of a shame. This was an event organized at the garden center near us, that we're pretty sure is on its last legs. Unfortunately, except for Whiskey Pete, the pirate-themed organizer of the bug boil, the mood was more sad and quiet than festive. It'd be nice if the bug boils were a bit more raucus. But hey - we brought a 12-pack of natty bo for two people, so I feel like we at least tried.
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Day 347 - Garlic Scapes

As has been noted in this space before, we're putting in a pretty ambitious garden (actually, my folks were in this past weekend and did a tremendous amount of work helping us weed). But, as of late March, the only things in the ground were garlic, some orach red, and some beets. You need to keep the garlic scapes clipped or the garlic goes to seed instead of making nice, large bulbs. Our daughter is weird, and LOVES garlic scapes.

Actually, so does one of the kids at our daycare - we brought them in when we talked to them about Passover (we're the only Jewish family they've ever had there... emphasis on the "ish") to serve as karpas, and one little boy couldn't get enough of them. Of course, no one even wanted to try my charsoet...
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update on Ruth's Developmental Skills

For the past few days, Ruth has been exhibiting a new skill: If you hand her a book, or if she pulls one out of her toy basket or off her bookshelf, she will open it and "read."

That is, she opens the book, points to the words and babbles to herself, complete with exclamations and pauses (sounds something like "Ba da da ba pfft gee aboo tay blah de MA DA bee shh..."). Sometimes she'll turn the page and continue, sometimes not.

This is very exciting! When babies start imitating mom and dad, it shows they are picking up on social cues. And it shows us that her receptive language skills are forming. Receptive language is input (as opposed to expressive language like speech) and is built by describing what a child is doing, mirroring the sound a child makes when they point to an object and then labeling said object, and expanding on what your child says (e.g., if they say "dog" repeating the word and then telling or asking the child what sound the dog makes).

We've been reading to Ruth since birth and she has quite the library for a nearly one-year-old. We bought her a few more for her birthday too -- some Eric Carle books on shapes, numbers, and colors since she LOVES his illustrations and will hand you Polar Bear, Polar Bear or From Head to Toe to read (on the latter, she will clap about 75% of time when I turn to the seal clapping page).

Oh, and she is very close to walking. She cruises like a pro and can stand, unsupported. She's even taken a step but quickly realizes what she's doing and either sits or grabs the nearest chair/table/hand. I think it is a matter of balance and confidence -- she doesn't want to let go until she's sure she won't fall. She does like to walk while holding onto an adult's finger or pushing a toy.