Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 352 - Bugs!

She likes garlic scapes, but she's not so much about crawfish.

We ended up taking all this home (believe it or not, this was the 2-person portion size! We literally couldn't finish, even though I cracked shells through two of the Matrix movies while we had a "picnic" on the tarp on our living room floor) - someone got fussy.

It's kind of a shame. This was an event organized at the garden center near us, that we're pretty sure is on its last legs. Unfortunately, except for Whiskey Pete, the pirate-themed organizer of the bug boil, the mood was more sad and quiet than festive. It'd be nice if the bug boils were a bit more raucus. But hey - we brought a 12-pack of natty bo for two people, so I feel like we at least tried.
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