Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 347 - Garlic Scapes

As has been noted in this space before, we're putting in a pretty ambitious garden (actually, my folks were in this past weekend and did a tremendous amount of work helping us weed). But, as of late March, the only things in the ground were garlic, some orach red, and some beets. You need to keep the garlic scapes clipped or the garlic goes to seed instead of making nice, large bulbs. Our daughter is weird, and LOVES garlic scapes.

Actually, so does one of the kids at our daycare - we brought them in when we talked to them about Passover (we're the only Jewish family they've ever had there... emphasis on the "ish") to serve as karpas, and one little boy couldn't get enough of them. Of course, no one even wanted to try my charsoet...
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