Sunday, July 27, 2008

Internet is back!

We've been bereft of internet here at fortress Schober-Levine for the past few days, so we're celebrating the return of our connection to the outside world with - more baby pictures! Of course.

Day 100 - Ruth's almost able to sit up enough to sit like this the whole way and look around.

Day 102 - Beatin' the heat.

Day 102 - Stuffonmybaby
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 95 - More Boston-area Family

Hanging out with granddad, both looking at Phyllis (sadly, out of frame - we still love you, Phyllis!).

We're not allowed to buy her a Yankees jersey. Even though they totally rule. Melissa is not hitting me right now. I am being treated well. Go Yanks! Ow! Ow! ljaldkha;liejhoain;lavkinvalskhjlak9388h

Great-grandma Pauline also stopped by!
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Day 93. As Melissa mentioned, Ruth is (in part) named after her (Melissa's) grandmother. Her (Ruth's) great-grandfather (her grandfather's father), Herbert, was very happy to hear this. He's been talking for a while about how excited he was to see Ruth, and this past weekend he finally got to. Ruth took an immediate liking to him (she smiled a lot more than is captured in these photos), and she loved spending time with her great-granddad.

Day 94.
They were both so excited that Great-granddad Herbert came back again on Saturday.
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Adventures in campus III - Day 91

I told you I looked good in pink. Not sure what's up with my facial expression.

Thank you Momocrats!
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Simcha Bat (4) - siblings

M's sister Julie and her boyfriend Jared. Jared is a happy guy.

My brother's arm.
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Simcha Bat (3) - My Family

From left: Melissa, me, my mother, my grandmother, Ruth (reclining), my aunt Connie, my dad.

Too many pictures!
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Simcha Bat (2)

For some reason, Picasa is getting snippy with me about trying to post more than four pictures at once. But maybe it's easier to see in smaller chunks anyway... One of the great things about the baby-naming was that my maternal grandmother, one of Ruth's great-grandmothers, was able to come down and see her!

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Day 80 - Simcha Bat

Yesterday, we held a Simcha Bat (baby-naming) for Ruth. So, now it's "official." Our Rabbi, Ben, came by and did a nice little ceremony, we told the stories of her names (recounted on this blog here and here). There was almost a crisis over the food (not my hummus - my hummus was great), but nobody died. Some of our local friends stopped by, and a bunch of my Mom's side of the family were able to be there. But don't worry - Ruth is going up to Boston to visit M's family in a couple weeks, and then in August we're taking her to LA to see my Dad's side.

With Mom, in my grandfather's Christening dress (I know, it's not really a Christening).

Establishing shot of the party (I baked the challah, but M braided it, so that we'd both contribute to the central symbolic food for Ruth's naming)

Rabbi Ben doing the ceremony - we had colorful handouts!

Ceremonies can seem long in warm weather. Jeremy and Alex are getting antsy.
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Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day - Day 79

The new awesome mei tai. Since I was getting so much use out of the mei tai that M got me for Christmas, I figured I'd splurge and get another one. When I wear this one around, people ask M if I'm comfortable wearing pink (people who don't know me, that is) and she looks at them with a weary sigh and says, "no, my husband picked that one out." You can't quite get the full effect from this photo (I took it myself), but you can see her little baby arm and leg poking out at least. Speaking of, she must be getting bigger, since she can now sit with her legs out! Unfortunately, this is a setback to her progress toward getting her head to show over the top. Also, though we thought the other one had extra-long straps, it must not - these straps are like giant squid tentacles. Hot pink giant squid tentacles. Hot pink awesome giant squid tentacles.

Breakthrough! This picture is not only cute, but represents the liberation of Mom and Dad's fingers. Now if she could only master keeping her fingers curled in while sucking on her thumb, so she wasn't always poking herself in the eye. No one's perfect.
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