Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day - Day 79

The new awesome mei tai. Since I was getting so much use out of the mei tai that M got me for Christmas, I figured I'd splurge and get another one. When I wear this one around, people ask M if I'm comfortable wearing pink (people who don't know me, that is) and she looks at them with a weary sigh and says, "no, my husband picked that one out." You can't quite get the full effect from this photo (I took it myself), but you can see her little baby arm and leg poking out at least. Speaking of, she must be getting bigger, since she can now sit with her legs out! Unfortunately, this is a setback to her progress toward getting her head to show over the top. Also, though we thought the other one had extra-long straps, it must not - these straps are like giant squid tentacles. Hot pink giant squid tentacles. Hot pink awesome giant squid tentacles.

Breakthrough! This picture is not only cute, but represents the liberation of Mom and Dad's fingers. Now if she could only master keeping her fingers curled in while sucking on her thumb, so she wasn't always poking herself in the eye. No one's perfect.
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