Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 80 - Simcha Bat

Yesterday, we held a Simcha Bat (baby-naming) for Ruth. So, now it's "official." Our Rabbi, Ben, came by and did a nice little ceremony, we told the stories of her names (recounted on this blog here and here). There was almost a crisis over the food (not my hummus - my hummus was great), but nobody died. Some of our local friends stopped by, and a bunch of my Mom's side of the family were able to be there. But don't worry - Ruth is going up to Boston to visit M's family in a couple weeks, and then in August we're taking her to LA to see my Dad's side.

With Mom, in my grandfather's Christening dress (I know, it's not really a Christening).

Establishing shot of the party (I baked the challah, but M braided it, so that we'd both contribute to the central symbolic food for Ruth's naming)

Rabbi Ben doing the ceremony - we had colorful handouts!

Ceremonies can seem long in warm weather. Jeremy and Alex are getting antsy.
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Jeremy Snyder said...

In my defense, I was contemplating how many shekels my progeny's labor would command.

The Mobilians said...

We're so sorry to miss it. Ruth is as beautiful as ever.

souljob said...

Rabbi Binyamin prepared a truly poignant and significant Simchat Bat ceremony for Ruth Zcharya. This ceremony touched and engaged all who were there to honor her loving parents and to welcome Ruth. "May her being and becoming forever be celebrated."

As we broke and shared the challah made by Daniel and braided by Melissa, we "nourished ourselves to work for peace and justice."

As we drank the wine, given to Daniel/Melissa as a holiday gift by David, we "dedicated ourselves to creating a healthy community."

“Let us bless the goodness in the world, which… has brought us to this moment.”