Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 118 - First Day at Daycare

Ruth started daycare yesterday. She'll be going three days a week most weeks, then spending Mondays with me and Fridays with Melissa. For the first couple days, we've been working from home (just me today) in case there are any problems - but there haven't been. Yesterday, by all reports, she did fine - they were even able to get her to take a bottle more easily than I was (::sniff::).

The place she's going is a daycare that Melissa found over in Waverly called "Little Scholars" and we like it a lot (yes, grandparents and great-grandparents, they're licensed and insured). Tyra (left), the woman who runs it, is super-nice, and everyone there seems to really like Ruth (and she seems to like them). I was told this morning that she's even getting the other kids interested in books - they're all fascinated by how happy she looks when Miss Tyra reads her one of the books we brought for her.

We're starting to settle into a kind of nice routine. Days we're both working downtown, Melissa is going to leave the house early, which means that I get a little bit of one-on-one time with Ruth (this morning, we read Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs again and had some songs and attempts to crawl - the kid can't reliably roll all the way over yet, but she's intent on crawling), and then I walk her over (it's about 25 minutes) in the mei tai and drop her off. Melissa will go pick her up in the early afternoon, since she'll be able to come home a bit early since she's going in early.

At the daycare, she gets stories, and held, and to sit outside and look at the trees. She's still waking up a bit more at night, needing reassurance that we're still there (we tell her that sometimes Mom and Dad have to go away, but we always come back), but she seems to be settling in. I hope.
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Chris said...

You've read my mind, Daniel, about the licensing of the Ruth-care center. Needless to say that I am heartened with the loving care that you and Melissa give to Ruth.
Hope to hold her in MY arms soon!