Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 110 - Transcontinental Adventure, Day 3

We spent most of our last full day in LA hanging out at Great-Grammy Levine's apartment, getting lunch, hanging out, meeting Great-Grammy's friends, and I spent some time recording some of her stories (link soon).

I'm not sure about this spoon.

[+1 Geek Caption: There is no spoon]

Talking with Great-Grammy Levine.

Hanging out in the lovely courtyard of Great-Grammy's building
. In general, Melissa and I aren't big LA people. But we would totally move there for the weather.
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The flight home was a bit harder than the flight over, probably because Ruth was already pretty strung out on the time change and the schedule disruptions (so were Mom and Dad). But, we survived, and we got home safe and sound.

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