Thursday, August 21, 2008

Multimedia Update, Part I

As reported earlier in this space, Ruth is a big fan of music. Since she's been old enough to be a bit interactive, we've mostly been singing half-remembered childhood songs to her (along with "You are My Sunshine," which is a favorite of hers).

But, I wanted to see if she still liked the louder stuff that seemed to make her happy when she was even littler (or, at least, sleep). So we experimented with bouncing around the kitchen the other day. Like her dad, she gets tired after a couple songs, but she really seemed to like it, especially being spun around and bouncing.

Her taste is questionable, though - Anti-Flag are pretty awesome, but they're still not as good as Bad Religion. Granted, I happened to have songs lined up from a lesser BR album at the time (New Maps of Hell). I'll have to try her with All Ages later.

Anyway, here's her favorite so far. The actual music starts about 0:56 - but this was recorded on the same tour that was her first in utero concert:

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