Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Our child does have eyes

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My friend Susan came to visit on Sunday. She has very good taste in baby clothes, as you can see from the photo.

Ruth had been napping on Daniel for a bit when she woke up. Or, more specifically, woke up calm and not looking at mom with mouth agape and brow furrowed as if to ask, "Where's my breakfast [or 2d breakfast or elevenses or lunch or afternoon snack or dinner...]

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Carissa said...

Melissa! Liza Fues told me you had a baby and, by golly, you do! And what a cute little button she is! So small and sweet (and sleepy)! CONGRATULATIONS! That's wonderful!

Also, I love her name; my 95-year-old grandma is a Ruth and you'd better believe she's a brillant, funny feminist (the first female chemist to graduate from her college, founded a women's political action committee AND a support group for widows). Like I said, love it!

Not to totally take over your comments, but I've now stalked you thoroughly via blog and I have this to say: 1)hooray, such an adorable little baby, 2) love the house, 3) you seem really happy and content, which is wonderful to see.

Enjoy your time with little bundle of joy and keep posting!