Thursday, May 22, 2008

Anti-Flag is Still Popular

Ruth was fussing a bit this morning, but didn't want the breast, so I took her off M's hands for a bit (so that mom could have a shower and some sanity - M wants me to point out that she doesn't just hand her off to me all the time, which is true. But everyone, even the best moms, needs a break from time to time).

Anyway, as is usual for morning fussing, she wanted my finger, then she didn't. She wanted to look around, then not so much (it's just brain development - M and I have both been trying to be good about talking about her being more "difficult" or "easier" rather than "good" or "bad").

I'd just finished putting together a list of the songs that I'd played at last night's playtest of a friend's game (Misspent Youth), and so thought maybe she'd like it if I put on some music. I'd played her a lot of stuff in the womb (I AM A HIPPIE), and she'd seemed to like best stuff with a strong beat (I think we talked about this elsewhere in the blog). Anyway, so I thought it might work.

I bundled her up in the Mei Tai and put on Anti-Flag's awesome (even though it's newish, and it's only cool to like OLD SCHOOL STUFF) For Blood and Empire, and we danced around. We (gently) pogoed to "I'd Tell You But..." and then did a bit of a (gentle) circle pit to "The Press Corpse." But then she started trying to track things, which made her turn her neck at an uncomfortable angle, so I figured I'd stop before she spit up. She fell asleep some time during just kind of bouncing to "Emigre." She doesn't have a lot of stamina yet. But we'll work on it.

Actually, Anti-Flag was her first concert (in M's belly, where the speakers were a bit muffled, I'm sure), though it was on the A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime tour. Then Ani DiFranco. She's totally going to grow up to be a Toby Keith fan.
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Edward said...

you guys are doing a great job! I guess I will have to get familiar with some of the music and other things post 1975 if I want to appreciate all you are saying? Love Dad...

Daniel said...

You just have to make it to 1977, the prime year for punk. Though most of the stuff she likes is from the 1990s.