Friday, May 30, 2008


Day 42 - Adventures with baby. On Wednesday, I had a meeting that I needed to be physically at on campus. Since it's after the end of the semester, but before the beginning of summer classes, we figured that there'd be almost no one around, and it'd be a good day to do a trial run of bringing her to campus (I'm planning to do it at least 1/week while I'm running MLI in June and July).She was actually very easy. Foolishly, we didn't pack a bottle of milk, and 2 hours (the length of my commute - yes, each way, welcome to DC-area housing patterns/prices) is a bit long for her to go without eating. But we made it (though she glommed on to the breast as soon as it was available in my office). The train seemed to put her to sleep pretty quickly - though every time they would announce the station over the loudspeakers (always set at ear-bleeding volume on MARC trains), I had to stand up to calm her. Not rock or anything, just stand up. It's a little weird.

Anyway, she met some of my colleagues, and was mostly quiet (mostly eating, apparently) during my meeting. Diapers were changed without major incident. We got some photos on the train, and in front of my office bookshelf (should there be a prize for the person who can read the most titles? Am I the only person who obsessively tries to make out book titles in photos? Some of the ones you can see here are quite good, actually).

Of course, if you're reading this via Blogger, you can just ogle the self-indulgent LibraryThing display toward the lower right.

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Chris said...

As you hold Ruth, I notice how you smile at her - a smile of love and protection and accomplishment and pride! Wasn't Uncle Harry right when he said: You will not know how much you are loved, until you have a child of your own.