Saturday, May 17, 2008


Day 31 - Our cloth diapers and solar-powered clothes dryer!

I'm not sure if this makes us green, or white trash.

Day 31 - Ruth with her fig tree.

When I was growing up, both my brother and I had trees that were "ours." I had a magnolia outside my window, and I think my brother's was a Japanese Maple in the front yard. I seem to remember my parents saying that they were planted the year we were born, but I may be misremembering - help? Anyway, I thought it was a nice sentiment.

Plus, figs = yum.

Ruth's is a Texas Everbearing (aka Brown Turkey) Fig. It's supposed to grow 40' tall and 60' wide, which I figure will take a couple of years. For those of you who don't know her, though, Melissa is 28' tall, so it's already got a good start!
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Chris said...

Dad and I discussed our response...

We bought the Napanoch house when you (Daniel) were just two months old. Of the two additional bedrooms, we chose yours to be directly across the hall from ours. Outside your (Daniel's) window facing north was (and still is) a gorgeous magnolia tree - magenta and cream blossomed! When we bought the house in 1977, the magnolia tree was already well established... it was planted by the Christian (Chris-tee-anne) family, the home's original owners. We always said that the magnolia was yours (Daniels); you loved to climb on its branches and hide in its leaves. The fragrance was breath-taking. It was a place of peace and solitude.

PS: David had his own tree - a sugar maple outside his window facing east. We thought of collecting its sap for syrup, but decided against puncturing its trunk.

Dad and I are pleased that you have such fond memories of your tree and are carrying-on this tradition for Ruth.