Sunday, November 13, 2011

Days 1284-1288: We Did a Lot. What Did we Do?

As I'm trying to reconstruct the past couple of weeks for all you loyal readers, I'm realizing that I should have taken notes!  My Mom is smart.

Don't worry, though, the big trip days I have photos and etc. with date stamps.

The Saturday after Melissa left, my parents wanted to check out the Legon Botanical Gardens, which are a bit unkempt but really quite lovely.  We stopped at the bookstore on the way, which actually has a pretty solid selection of children's books. In the past, I've brought one home for Ruth each time I've been in Ghana - my only disappointment was that on my last two trips they'd had a significant number of children's books in local languages, especially Twi, but not any more.  We sat on the steps outside this time and read Chidi Only Likes Blue.

Unsurprisingly, when we got a bit further, Ruth didn't want to walk all the way to the gardens - my folks had brought a stroller with them, which made it easier for them to walk with Ruth, but also made Ruth a bit of a diva about walking when we didn't have it with us.  So she and I went and played on the lawn behind the Balme Library while my folks explored the gardens a bit, and then we all had some lunch.

Sunday, Ruth and my parents went to La Beach and hung out while I caught up on some work. I missed out!  Apparently they had a grand time and ate lots of plantain chips, but I'll have to let my parents tell that one.

Monday and Tuesday it rained, so they ended up being flop days.  We had initially planned to go to Shai Hills on Tuesday, because the military had re-scheduled my teaching day that day at the last minute, but because the rain, we put it off until Thursday (and the next entry).  Wednesday my folks took Ruth back to the Shangri-La while I taught.

One of those days we went back to the Nigerian restaurant - Monday?  My mom had bonded with the woman who owned it and did the cooking, and had gone over to request goat.  Most of the time when you get goat here in Ghana it's in soup - and much as I like goat, it's honestly not my favorite way to have it.  But this was roasted to perfection.

OK, that's the boring stuff for completeness' sake.  Next up, animals!

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