Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Daughter, the Comedian

Just some stuff that I wanted to record from the past couple of months, but no photos...

[We're listening to this song]
TMBG: Yodeling like cowhands do! Yodeleihoo!
RUTH: That's silly! Cows don't have hands!

[I throw a piece of gum off the porch, grumbling about kids throwing stuff there.]
RUTH: Daddy! You don't throw trash in the street! You know better! You know where is the garbage!
ME: You're right, I shouldn't have thrown it in the street.
RUTH: You have to go time out.
[Trying to show her that rules are rules, when we get inside I dutifully sit in the time out chair. Normally, for her, we set the kitchen timer to 2 minutes for time outs. I sit for a bit.]
RUTH: Beep! Time out is over.

[We've been talking about Spain and pretending to go there, like we're in a Dora episode, but an actually educational one - go to the airport, over the Atlantic Ocean, etc. Ruth pulls her "phone" out of her backpack."
RUTH: Spain? Are you open? I called them. They're open.

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