Saturday, December 20, 2008

Frog Butt!

Day 247 - Frog butt! Oh, come on, when I found these PJs in the baby 2nd-hand store (yep, our daughter is an only child who gets hand-me-downs - don't want to spoil her, y'know), there was no way I wasn't going to get them for her. I just kept forgetting to get a photo, and now she's almost grown out of them (we're going to stop feeding her anything nutritious, so as to keep this weedy growth in check. Seriously! She's going to be, like 5'6" tall if we're not careful.)

Our day care has just instituted a new thing where, 1/month, parents can leave their children on Friday evenings, and they have movies, and popcorn, and games, and such (we already have a baby sitter who comes in 1/month as well, and who usually gets paid for at least 20 minutes of chatting with me, since she's a Philosophy student - it's criminal that St. John's University won't let her write on the Churchlands!). It's nice - we took the chance to go out to a restaurant named Clementine and eat snails, and then snapped this shot of Ruth on our way back in.
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