Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 245 - At the Office

Last Wednesday, my office held its holiday party, and the Institute also (much appreciatedly) decided to make it a belated baby shower for Ruth. Unfortunately, M was at work, and needed to prep for the big yearly dinner (including some unpleasant work, but also the pleasant and necessary job of tasting the catering offerings), so she couldn't make it. But Ruth and I made the train ride into College Park and hung out in my very much non-baby-safe (but apparently endlessly interesting) office. We discovered that Dad can indeed survive a day on the road with the little one, especially since she really likes cottage cheese. I'll have to get off my ass on my cheese-making plans (something besides queso fresco) and make her some. Maybe on my furlough day.

The Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy (clockwise from L): Xiaorong Li (China, human rights), Barbara Cronin (administration and paperwork wrangling), Robert Wachbroit (bioethics, health policy, research ethics), Mark Sagoff (environmental ethics, information technology, fearless leadership), Alec Walen (deontology, law, torture), Dave Crocker (democracy, development ethics, Rawls), Daniel Levine (just war, peacekeeping, anarchism, feminism, lone consequentialist), Ruth Z. Schober-Levine (Anaximander, philosophy of language)
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