Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tough Girls

Tonight, we figured we try taking Ruth on another little adventure, this time out to see the Charm City Roller Girls match. The event was billed as kid-friendly, and, aside from the noise, very much was. Several of the Roller Girls and a number of their fans have children, so there was even a mommy chill out room for breastfeeding and the like. Unfortunately, Ruth was a bit grumpy (we really think she may have reflux) and so she and M hung out in the chill room much of the night - which makes it even cooler of them that they had one.

The match itself was a bit hard to follow, since the scoreboard was dim and the commentary incomprehensible over their sound system. Next time we'll have to go with an expert. I started to get a feel for it, a bit, after a few rounds, though. There was definitely a gradient of viciousness between the teams - the Mobtown Mobs (in red) seemed particularly brutal, quite successfully knocking down several Night Terrors, and inflicting one blow to the throat... but hey, they won. The woman in blue (and blur) in my photo is, I think, Rosie the Rioter of the Night Terrors, who pulled off some of the most impressive footwork I've seen on skates, weaving in and out. Several folks commented on how cute our future derby-er was (maybe; I'm still saving up for a set of these so I can work out with her in the basement, like I did with my dad). And I even saw another dad carrying his child - which warms my heart.
The other photo is from earlier in the day. Compare to the photo of her sleeping on me from April 18... I think she has a favorite pose.
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