Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 991 - Zoo^2

So, it turns out that while I had been assuming that Groupon was pretty much some scam thing, Melissa was actually paying attention, which has led to us getting a really good deal on a membership to the Baltimore zoo. Which we promptly used.

I have photos of, like, animals and crap on the digital camera, but for now I've only got my phone. So let me show you instead Ruth's second favorite part of the zoo - their small playground. After going once (and seeing her first favorite thing, penguins), she insisted that we return the next day (we = me; Melissa had the good sense to stay inside where it was warm) to go to the playground she'd seen on the way in.

In the rain.

On the neat side, Ruth can now climb a rope ladder!

From 21st Century Digital Kid

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