Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Good Story

Yesterday, we saw a hawk in a tree, eating some smaller bird (messily).

From 21st Century Digital Kid

Tonight, on the way to the store (in preparation for SNOWPOCALYPSE III: REVENGE OF THE NINJA), Ruth and I had the following conversation.

RUTH: I see hawk!
ME: Oh, no I don't see the hawk right now.
RUTH: I see hawk. Mommy see hawk.
ME: Oh, yes. We saw a hawk yesterday.
RUTH: Hawk funny.
ME: The hawk was funny? What was he doing that was funny?
RUTH: Drop feathers.
ME: Yeah, he was dropping feathers all over. Why was he dropping feathers?
RUTH: Eat a snack!
ME: Yeah, he was eating a snack. What was he eating?
RUTH: Food! (I walked into that one)
ME: Yes, he was eating food. But what kind of food?
RUTH: ... (thinks) ... ... ... ... ... ... EAT PASTA!


Anonymous said...
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Melissa said...

For the record, it is either a Sharp-Shinned Hawk or Cooper's Hawk (I'm inclined toward the latter but hey, what do I know?)