Sunday, September 14, 2008


Day 151 - Oatmeal mush. Step 1: grind oatmeal in spice grinder. Step 2: boil water. Step 3: whisk oatmeal into water. Step 4: keep whisking. Step 5: keep whisking. Step 6: is it gluey yet? - if no, go to step 5. Step 7: mix in breast milk. Step 8: put in "unspillable" bowl. Step 9: feed baby. Step 10: make airplane noises. Step 11: feed baby. Step 12: wipe up. Step 13: wipe up. Step 14: wipe up. Step 15: did you actually eat any of that?
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Chris said...

Even at 4:50AM (an untimely hour but a productive time of quiet for busy parents)your sense of humor - your "voice" is heard. Oatmeal, yuck! Ruth must take after Grampy and Mem!
Hug her for me when she's not mushy!