Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I saw my midwife this morning. It was a basic weight/blood pressure/pee in a cup appointment. We reviewed my lab work. The results were as-expected and all appropriately positive or negative. She noted that I'll need two RhoGAM shots, which I knew, one at 28 weeks and the other postpartum to prevent complications if the baby has a positive blood type.

We chatted a bit about forming a birth plan. I'm reading and working on it in spurts.

I heard the heartbeat again via fetal doppler. It was hugely reassuring to hear the swoosh, swoosh, swoosh sound as the Insider wiggled. I still haven't gained any weight but I was only down half a pound this appointment. She wants me to aim for a half pound to pound per week from this point on. Total weight gain should be between 20-30 lbs.

I go back again November 13 for the same type of appointment, plus the quad screen. On November 19, we have the big ultrasound/fetal anatomy screen where we will -- if the Insider is cooperative -- find out the sex. The anatomy scan will be at the Center for Advanced Fetal Medicine at University of Maryland just across the street from my midwife's office. They prefer to have a perinatologist read all the scans and to use a more sensitive ultrasound machine. So, off to the hospital I'll go.

I'm planning to schedule a tour of the birth center in January or February, about the same time as we take a birthing class.

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Chris said...

As future grandparents, I'm pleased and reassured that both Melissa and Daniel are preparing so well for the birth of our first grandchild.

Needless to say, both Daniel and Melissa are "grand" children and will make "grand" parents.