Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 1911: How Does Second Place Feel Now?

So, about a month ago, after being recruited at a Charm City Roller Girls bout, I started practicing with the Harm City Homicide men's derby team.  It's late on Wednesday nights, so I tell Ruth about it on the way out the door as she's heading up to bed.  She had a lot of fun with her friend Katherine at the CCRG bout, and has wanted to go back, and now is excited that I might be doing it. But I've had to explain to her that I'm part of the team in the sense that I go and practice with them, but I need to get better before I'll actually take part in any bouts.

Which led to her looking me in the eye this morning and very seriously saying: "Daddy, please get very good very soon. I am waiting to see you in a race."

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