Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 1564 - Bzzz

Ruth had asked to help me with the next time I needed to re-fill the bees' sugar water, and so today we did!

She was pretty excited to wear her veil, but I finally managed to get her to wait long enough for me to get the smoker going and such.

We went out and opened up the hive, and Ruth looked inside and even touched a couple of the bees.  "They feel like plastic," was how she described it afterwards.  I didn't take out any of the frames this time, as I didn't really have a reason to, and feel like I shouldn't disassemble their home if I don't need to.

We added a third Illinois super to complete the brood chamber, and then refilled their sugar water reservoir and closed the whole thing up.  No stings, no burns, and she's excited to do it again (if you get her to concentrate enough to answer your question)!

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