Saturday, July 30, 2011

Days 1193-1195 - Aunt Connie and the Great Movie Caper

Last weekend, we took a trip up to visit my Aunt Connie and her friend Sharon - I'd been in Liberia for Connie's 60th birthday proper, and so we wanted to celebrate a bit. Plus, Ruth really likes Connie and Sharon (probably in significant part because they indulge her princess desires, including watching Beauty and the Beast... over... and over... and over... and over...)

Since it was roughly 115,000 degrees while we were there, we thought as a special treat we'd take Ruth to see her first movie in a real theater with real air conditioning and real popcorn with fake butter. So Connie, Melissa, Ruth, and I all went to see Winnie the Pooh - which, much to my great surprise, I actually liked. Eyore is still a putz, though.

The next day, we went blueberry picking (early on, so it wasn't so hot).

From 21st Century Digital Kid

From 21st Century Digital Kid

(Photos by Connie - the hat was Mem's)

Ruth didn't enjoy it as much as we'd hoped (she claimed to be scared of the bushes at one point, but I think she was just annoyed that she wanted to run off into the woods but couldn't). But Connie and Melissa did yeoman's work and we ended up with a ton of awesome NJ blueberries. Melissa made one of her yummy blueberry cobblers for dessert that night, and I just ate another of the muffins we made - plus we've been eating handfuls of them all week.

Back at Connie's, we just hung out for a bit more, and Ruth played outside until everyone turned to ash.

From 21st Century Digital Kid

From 21st Century Digital Kid

(Photos by Connie)

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