Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Misc

From 21st Century Digital Kid
On Saturday (Day 864), we took Ruth to the Maryland State Fair. This time, she was not afraid of the cows, but also not terribly interested in them. She was really into the massager chairs that she could climb all over. And she was really really into the Ferris Wheel that mommy took her on. Sweetheart, when you're 20 and reading this, the reason you couldn't go again was that it was $12 for each ride for tickets for you and mommy - or, about $45,013 in 2028 dollars.

Unfortunately, I couldn't manage to snap a good photo of her and mommy actually riding, so you get this one of them standing in line.

From 21st Century Digital Kid

On Sunday (Day 865), we went to Cromwell Bridge Park. Ruth wanted to swing on vines. Then we splashed in the stream a lot, and saw some crayfish, but I left my camera behind s

From 21st Century Digital Kid

That afternoon, she helped me make cupcakes (pictured above; helping consisted mostly of putting red food dye in to make them pink and then "helping" me clean the bowl of batter... she's her father's daughter, after all).

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