Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A quick update

Grammy and Grampy are coming to visit this weekend and Ruth is very excited. Every morning she asks, "Grammy downstairs?" or "I see Grammy?" She pointed to a picture of a squid in I'm the Best Artist in the Ocean this morning and said, "Grampy have moustache too!"

We are excited to report that Ruth is learning letters. She knows A, B, E, O, R and S. At first I thought she was just memorizing placement in books but one day we walked by the dry cleaners and she pointed out the S on their sign ("S on dat! S right dere!")

She wants us to read everything. Signs in stores, advertisements, magazine covers, junk mail. We frequently hear, "What dat say?" or "Words! Words on dat! Read it!"

She is a huge fan of stories. I would guesstimate that Daniel and I have told her Little Red Riding Hood approximately 6532 times.

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Ed Levine said...

We are so happy that we are so welcome and appreciated. Ruth is so lucky to have such dedicated parents and ones that set such a strong example. Grammy says, and I agree, reading is fun, fundamental, and free.