Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 494 - At the waterfront with Great-Grammy

This summer, again, we brought Ruth out to visit my grandmother in LA (her great-grandmother). While we'd been dreading the trip a bit, she did pretty well on the flight over for such a little one, and did excellently well on the flight back (the crayons were a good choice - she sat on the floor in front of the seat and colored for a while), even if our daycare did have cause to regret the kidney beans (she LOVES kidney beans) we let her snack on on the way home.

My aunt and uncle were nice enough to let us stay with them, and though Great-Grammy was feeling a bit under the weather (get well soon), we got to see her most afternoons. One day, I made a big brunch to celebrate (belatedly, but jointly) Ruth and Great-Grammy's 4/17 birthday, and then the next we went out to the marina to walk along the water.

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Grammy said...

I'm wondering what Ruth is thinking as she gazes out at the boats: "How come only Uncle Peery gets to sail?"