Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ruth Update: Words and Actions

Because my memory is getting more sieve-like with each passing day, a list of Ruth's words at 15 months:

mama or ma-mee
dada or da-dee
kiii (kitty)
key (and tries to open the door with them)
daaaw (door)
ba or ba-lll (bottle, usually with pointing)
fou-wah (flower)
cah (car)
hi (with wave)
buh-bye (with wave, also will say it unprompted if you walk her to the front door)
shoe (will try to put it on her foot and will try to wear other people's shoes)
oh (if she drops something)
daw (dog, usually with excited squeals)
bel bo (belly button, will lift her shirt to show you if asked sometimes; will point out your belly button if your shirt rides up)
eye (will point to it, sometimes)
ba bll (bubbles, a big hit from grammy)
uhhh (up, with arms raised)
daooo (down, sometimes pointing)
ta-oo (thank you, sometimes with prompting)
no (with headshake)
nana (banana)
ju (juice)
bir (bird)
ba oo (balloon, and man keeping her away from ones in front of the house for sale is a challenge)\
spoo (spoon)
Maybe diaper
Maybe yellow
Maybe bowl
Maybe drum
Maybe zebra
Maybe please (peaz)
(All the maybes are sounds she repeats but are sort of vague and not consistent)

If you ask her to wash her hands she will; she can point to her nose and mouth. If she has a toothbrush, she'll brush her teeth. She can bounce, if you ask her, when you read about bunnies or tiggers. She thumps her chest and stomps her feet when we read books about gorillas or elephants -- thanks to Eric Carle. She roars when show her a picture of a lion most of the time. She can understand some simple commands like "Roll the ball to daddy" or "Where's your baby?" She seems to be understanding "nice" and "gentle" since we use them to refer to petting the cat and other objects (the marionettes, see below).

She dances to music and will clap her hands along, sometimes. She danced to Ellen Cherry at Artscape this past weekend. Also, marionettes were a HUGE hit (pictures soon). She can climb onto some chairs (depends on height), in and out of her stroller, up stairs, and onto any low bed. Going down stairs remains an issue -- she is fearless and we have to be watchful or she'll launch herself off the top step at full speed.

She eats almost everything: milk, juice, water, sausages, hamburgers, corn, beans, peas, peaches, plums, pineapple, cottage cheese (really, cheese of any sort), peanut butter, pasta, granola, eggs, persimmons, dates, onions, kabobs at Artscape and she LOVES blueberries and corn.


Grammy said...

Hmmm... does Daniel remember his ability to lock doors with keys - the cellar door (with me on the wrong side)in the Napanoch house? I had to literally crawl through a cellar window - 6 months pregnant with David!

Ed Levine said...

thanks, that is good to document..pretty soon the list will be too long to forgot the two most important words she knows Grampy and Grammy!