Saturday, March 7, 2009

Misc Photo Post No. 3,457

Day 320 - I don't care what Dad says, snow is still not fun.

Day 321 - Dad's smorgasbord. Tuesday, Melissa had her org's annual gala dinner, and it was going to run late into the evening, so we arranged for her to just stay overnight at a hotel downtown. Which meant that Ruth was stuck with only me for an evening. She's been waking up hungry at night, so we've been trying to make sure to offer her food - but she's been getting her own ideas about what she wants to eat recently. So, I prepared a buffet of cheerios, persimmon slices, and lentils mixed with yogurt. She liked playing with the lentils, but the persimmons were the real hit. I'd never tried them, and the Punjab market had a whole bunch, so I figured I'd give them a whirl. They're pretty good. But she loves them. Holy mother of crap, she loves persimmons. I need to go get more before she caps me in my sleep.

Day 325 - This one's for Lauren.

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Chris said...

What a lovely (somehow lonely), ethereal photo of Ruth in the snow… hugs from Grammy to warm her and bring a smile to her little face.