Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 277 - I Live Outside Mommy Day

Yesterday, we made cheese and watched the Obama inaugural concert on (we thought we'd just missed Bishop Gene Robinson's invocation, but apparently "technical difficulties" prevented HBO from airing it... and NPR... the conspiracy goes all the way to the left!). Ruth, as you can see, was easily distracted from this historic event (mostly by mommy's cute hat).

Oh, also, we've finally hit 39.5 weeks! Which means that Ruth has now lived outside M for as long as she was baking. OK, now we just have to do this 23 more times and she'll be off to college...

The last picture explains why cheese is so expensive, folks. Yep, 1 gallon of milk = 1 fist-sized hunk of mozzarella. I have about 6 pints of whey, though, if you've got some tuffets that need marinating.

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