Monday, April 21, 2008

Sleepy Baby

Day 5 - Ruth meets Grammy and Grampy Levine

So, we spent much of yesterday in the hospital. Things seem to have resolved themselves mostly by now. Ruth was having a bit of trouble feeding - her latch wasn't great, and she'd gotten a bit dehydrated and sleepy. She's still well-behaved, but no longer sleeping 22 hours/day like she was before. And, of course, now she's producing dirty diapers, which was our tip-off. You'd think that breastfeeding would come natural to all babies, but it turns out it doesn't really.

Anyway, today Ruth got have a big adventure while I went in to work - Melissa took her to see the lactation consultant on the bus, in a sling. It turns out that there's a consensus among small old ladies on the 8 bus: either Melissa is a bad mother because she didn't wrap Ruth up enough to be outside, or Melissa wrapped her up too much.


Day 5 - Ruth hangs out with Mom, in the sling

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