Monday, March 10, 2008

Odds and Ends

I went it for another midwife appointment this morning.

Everything is continuing apace. My blood pressure remains slightly elevated; my provider emphasized the need for me to get off my feet in the evening, elevate my lower extremities, and rest on my left side (resting on the left encourages the vena cava, the main drain for the lower body to empty which helps to relieve swelling). I'm to monitor and control my stress level as well.

The baby is posterior at the moment. That means she is head-down but facing up, with her back against mine. Delivering a posterior baby can be more difficult than delivering an anterior baby since the hardest parts of the baby (head and spine) press against the hardest parts of mom (pelvis and spine). My midwife said there is time for her to roll over and gave me some exercises to help encourage her.

My sister and friend threw us a baby shower the weekend before last. We are lucky to have very generous friends and family. Our daughter will be far better dressed than either of her parents.

I completed my breastfeeding class last week and feel pretty well prepared. I have a breastfeeding pillow, the phone numbers of friends who breast fed and pumped, a supportive work environment, and a provider with two lactation consultants on staff. I've also got the phone number for the local La Leche League.

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