Thursday, January 10, 2008

Roughly 15 weeks to go.

The New Year has brought some nice changes: a bonus and raise at my job. The raise brings me back up to what I was making when I worked for Evil, Inc. only 18 months after departing. And really, the incredible, overwhelming joy I felt at leaving Evil, Inc. was worth the pay cut.

And some not-as-nice changes: Sleeping is becoming more difficult. On my back is not recommended as it can decrease blood flow to the uterus. I try to switch sides during the night but rolling over is a task and I usually wake myself up. Combine that with an active child-to-be who believes that my bladder would make a comfortable resting place if only she could kick or punch it into exactly the right shape.

Stairs are not my friend. I bolted for the 5:20 express the other evening and just about passed out from the run up two flights of escalator stairs and then through Union Station. I'm not waddling or anything, but my previous life as a seriously fast walker is over, at least temporarily.

Great things: Daniel has felt the baby kick several times now. And played her a bunch of tunes from his new mp3 player. She either really likes or really despises Le Tigre -- there was vigorous kicking and rolling. Bad Religion seemed to garner a response too. I've forbidden the playing of Devo into my belly button. What if -- perish the thought -- she were to like it?

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Gypsy at Heart said...

What if she were to want to whip it? Have you thought of that? Le Tigre? For sure despise. Female Devo wannabes. But that is just my opinion and by now you've probably guessed that I never liked Devo anyway. Careful with the running. I fainted just like that one time while pregnant.