Sunday, December 9, 2007


I had another ultrasound on December 3. In the last ultrasound, Ruth was either taking after Daniel (laconic) or me (stubborn) and refused to roll over to show us the base of her spine. The latest ultrasound revealed that her lower spine and tail bone are perfectly formed. She's also turned around and is head-down now but moved fairly constantly during the scan. It was interesting to see what part of her was poking me while simultaneously feeling said poking.

It also revealed that my placenta is low-lying. Normally, the placenta attaches near the top of the uterus where it is out of the way during the birth. When the placenta is low-lying, there is a slight potential for complications during birth. However, my midwife assures me that complications can be avoided with occasional ultrasound monitoring. So, I'll have another ultrasound on January 14 to see if things have shifted -- in more than 80% of cases, things do shift as the pregnancy progresses. In any case, I'll get a few more pictures of Ruth so I can't really say I'm disappointed.

In other news, thanks to the incredible generosity of our friends M and S and their rapidly growing kids, we have a crib, changing table, and highchair to compliment the rocking chair, bookcase, and tiny roll top desk already in her room. We also picked up two prints to hang in her room from Devoted Bee (if you click on drawings, then on 2007 drawings, we got the one called "Just Before Bed" with the rabbit hugging a teddy bear; the other is a forest scene) at a local craft fair.

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