Tuesday, November 20, 2007

21st Century Digital Girl!

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Melissa and I went to get the big-deal ultrasound yesterday, and this is the result. Everything looks fine, except that she's inherited my freakishly long arms (she's 18 weeks + 2 days, except her arms, which are 19w1d). Welcome to lots of short sleeved shirts, kid.

Oh, and she has had the poor taste to NOT be a frog. Despite my encouragements.

We're currently wavering between "Ruth Lysistrata" and "Ruth Zachary." Both make pretty good nicknames - "RuthLys" works pretty well when you sound it out, and "R.Z." has a certain amount of zing as well.

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Edward said...

very, very cool. It would be nice to have a labeled image as I am not sure of what I see but Melissa did tell us all the details verbally which was good. Long arms have some very good advantages in sports. combat, and other activities, swinging in the trees is one that comes to mind. RZ rhymes with Ozzie? If you some day have a son maybe you want to save Zachary for his first name? Who ever came up with this middle name thing anyway? It is hard enough to agree on a first name and most of us never use our middle names anyway. I just thought why you and Melissa get along so well; you like frogs and Melissa likes green. I volunteer to help Ruth with Chinese. Mom can certainly help with French; it will be good for her to know what all those Frenchmen are saying.